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» Antonio / Luis
Does anyone else agree that Antonio needs to be slapped? His behavior regarding Luis is getting SOOOOOOO old!
» (No Subject)
Working 60+ hours a week leaves no time for me to watch Passions.. I really need to get a VCR.
» (No Subject)
Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't think one of those home pregnancy tests would work that early in a pregnancy
» Monday Spoiler.
Want to know what is in T.C's shed - super dumb spoilerCollapse )
I LOVE seeing Gwennie & Becca lose.. It's like instant happiness in my living room at 3pm. =D
» (No Subject)
Wouldn't it be funny if Alistair fled to Italy?

And looking at tomorrow's episode... wtf is Ethan doing in the ladie's room?
» Harmony ?
How on earth do these people get court dates so fast?
» TC's Shed..
Here is the thing.. they ARE going to reveal what is in TC's shed next week. Here is your chance to take a guess at what is in the shed? What do you think is in TC's Shed? My answer will be in the comments. Thanks!
» Monday April 26 - 2004
Today on Passions.. sorta spoilerCollapse )
» Passions ReCap: Thursday April 22nd.
Taken from NBC.com. =) Kay cheats to win tickets to the Founders' Day Dance, but must deal with her livid co-workers once they figure out what happened. Ivy deals with insecurities about her own love life as she pushes Charity to go after Miguel. Miguel responds to Charity's kindness. Pilar is told to avoid stress at all costs but is then faced with the fallout over what Theresa has done. Theresa coldly puts the screws to Gwen and Ethan.
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