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» Theresa/Fox
Lindsay & Justin had a girl!!!! Wooooooooot!
» Fox....and?
Ivy & Julien keep saying they have 3 kids together.... who are Fox, and who else? Are they counting Ethan in that one?

Oh, and Antonio is just getting on my nerves!
» the Lopez-Fitzgeralds
Ok, I am just sick of this whole Sheridan love triangle thing. Antonio is an idiot, Allister drove him out of town when he was a kid, and he just conveniently forgets all the terrible things that man did, because all he cares about is his pathetic need for Sheridan at any cost, even if it's not what Sheriden wants, he's like Allister's puppet, it's pathetic. And Luis, tho definitely the lesser of the evils, is also getting highly annoying, it's a thin line between love and obsession, and he crosses it all the time. Maybe it just runs in the family, Theresa is not exactly healthy in relationships either. And, one final question, what ever happened to Beth and the baby, I haven't seen them in weeks??
» Help Me!
What is going on with Passions lately? I haven't watched it in a month???
» Antonio / Luis
Does anyone else agree that Antonio needs to be slapped? His behavior regarding Luis is getting SOOOOOOO old!
» (No Subject)
Working 60+ hours a week leaves no time for me to watch Passions.. I really need to get a VCR.
» (No Subject)
Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't think one of those home pregnancy tests would work that early in a pregnancy
» Monday Spoiler.
Want to know what is in T.C's shed - super dumb spoilerCollapse )
I LOVE seeing Gwennie & Becca lose.. It's like instant happiness in my living room at 3pm. =D
» (No Subject)
Wouldn't it be funny if Alistair fled to Italy?

And looking at tomorrow's episode... wtf is Ethan doing in the ladie's room?
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